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Would you want to reduce significantly your project risk? Are you looking for one single point of truth?

With our specialists, working methods and software, you will be assured of this. We advise and support our customers for many years how to significantly reduce their project risks. We work according to the "ECC project methodology" which allows you to get 100% grip on your project. One truth, where you are looking for. Thanks to the ECC project methodology you have 24/7 validated information in the field of progress, quality, commissioning and hand-over. You have steering information that enables you to manage your project and meet project goals.

Working with ECC Solutions means that you have access to years of knowledge and experience in the field Completion Management, Turnaround Management, Quality Management, Commissioning management and Document- Data Management. We take care of the set-up, implementation and coordination of the methodology and can support you with the resources for execution.

Completion management

During construction, commissioning and handover, you are aiming for 100% control of your project. We offer you this 100% control. ECC Solutions has proven to be able to contribute to successful projects with a single or multidisciplinary approach...


Document & data management

Industry demands that all relevant documents and datasheets are available and up-to-date. We offer you 100% compliance in the field of documents and data. The Document & Data module within the ECC project methodology is developed for integrity projects, maintenance and new construction projects...

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Commissioning management

Timely, safe and controlled commissioning of an installation is together with the documentation the closing part of a project. ECC Solutions has proven in practice that the ECC Project methodology guarantees a successful handover...

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Quality management

Would you also like 100% guarantee that the agreed quality is delivered? ECC Solutions promise  you with the quality Module to meet the set project quality standards and legal requirements. During the construction phase you are continually assured that the required quality standards are realised...

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Small turn around

Do you want to execute your turnaround efficiently and with less cost? We offer you a suitable approach. Within the ECC Project methodology, we have developed a Turnaround module that offers the flexibility to support your current approach more efficiently and coordinated....

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