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Quality  management

Would you also like 100% guarantee that the agreed quality is delivered? ECC Solutions promise  you with the quality Module to meet the set project quality standards and legal requirements. During the construction phase you are continually assured that the required quality standards are realised.

With our quality module and software we achieve a coordinated process of checks and inspections, in where each phase is reported and documented.

The coordination and execution of the inspections can be carried out by our team of qualified inspectors.

The work method and execution of the inspections is supported by software. At each stage of the checking and inspection process information is available at the desired user level. The inspection data is available directly for the project team.

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N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie

Assistance in the preparation of a Project Completion Manual which included all standard forms to be used during construction, pre-commissioning and commissioning. The project consisted of the construction of 2 compressor stations and the conversion of multiple facilitating stations on the North-South route including all valve stations on that route. Service Completion management Industry Gas

Client: N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie
Location: The Netherlands
Year/Period: 2007 - 2012

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