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ECC Solutions, founded in 2005, is part of The Specialist Group. ECC Solutions is a specialised consultancy company which provides advise, support, software and qualified professionals.

ECC Solutions is acquired in 2015 by STAR Group to provide besides qualified professionals also services in the field of

• Project completion management
• Completion management
• Document / Data management
• Commissioning management

When you do business with ECC Solutions, you experience an engaged team of professionals with years of relevant practical experience. The ECC Professionals understand your business and support you with their knowledge to realise a successful project.

We support our clients with our proven ECC project methods which give you grip on your project in terms of risk, quality, progress and planning. The uniqueness of our services is that we are part of the project team. Together with our clients we design and manage the working methods to achieve compliance with all contractual and administrative requirements.

 ECC Solutions will act as a third party in your organisation, we guarantee quality and efficiency in preparation, support and completion.

When providing our services from ECC Solutions we prefer to use the innovative specialised software from our business partners. 

  • Checcboard | Clever and intuitive ‘project completion’ solution that offers a complete and real time insight in projects on a ‘single view’ dashboard page.
  • Co-Console | LUCY – Industrial Management Solutions | Project completion management
  • Prodocs | Docs2Go | Proclass B.V. | Document & Data management
  • QcLinQ | International Test Solutions B.V. | QC management 

Part of The Specialist Group
ECC Solutions is part of The Specialist Group. With a range of labels, we help businesses and industries move towards a sustainable future. By deploying technical engineering specialists on a project basis, The Specialist Group serves 350+ clients in the power, chemicals, infrastructure, renewables, and life sciences industries. We’re proud to say that most of our specialists are involved in Europe’s energy transition. And together, we’re in it for the long haul.

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Guarding good governance
The Specialist Group is committed to generating long-term value for our clients, investors, and team. We are pleased to share our inaugural report on corporate social responsibility. This report is the result of our company’s efforts to integrate best practices in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) to create a resilient and sustainable organization.

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ECC Solutions B.V.
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 P.O. Box 5011 | 4780 KA Moerdijk

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